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"Hi, Been away for a while, hence the delay in responding.

I've given several of the books away and will now use the rest of them for marketing purposes for France's business.  They really are good - congratulations.

I even gave one to the guy/s at Future Shop and he felt a little 'threatended'. In my view change comes with good and bad results!
Have a great weekend"

Mary Ann

Landwash Heritage Designs



 “Anyone with a home-based business (like me) MUST find the time to read this book. They will be rewarded with decreased costs and improved efficiency. THEN, keep it handy for trouble-shooting. I am now doing regular disk cleanups and using my laptop cooling fan. Thanks Daniel!”

Deb N.

CST Consultants Agency 669


“I have known Daniel long enough that his honest desire to help people shows through in this reference guide to computer technology. As a business coach, I help businesses become more efficient and more successful. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about using technology to leverage their business to the next level. For new entrepreneurs, there’s much to know, and this book is a great place to start for the technology side of the business. The book is a must read in this age of computer everything.”

Arun Channan BASc, MASc, MBA, P.Eng, CMC



“I learned some interesting things about computers from this easy to read book. As a student it helped me feel more comfortable when looking to purchase my next computer and I learned how to more effectively search the Internet to find what I’m looking for.”

Ashley Adamisin Markham, ON



“It’s such a fantastic resource that provides knowledge on a variety of topics as well as countless tips & tricks that will help you save money and understand computers in simple conversational terms. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a business owner like myself, I think we’d all agree that sometimes ‘stuff just happens’. The question is, when it does do you have this book on your bookshelf to help you?”

Liana Davis

Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc.

Publishers Picks: Local writers make business headlines
Here’s what MB Magazine wrote about the book in their magazine, Volume 5, Issue 3
Two local business gurus have put Markham on the literary business map. Daniel Gauthier’s Tech-Knowledgy helps business owners and employees, as well as commercial and consumer purchaser, to make some sense of the over-complicated, over-hyped, often over-marketed, sometimes overpriced, and ultimately misleading world of computers and related products.
Let’s start with Tech-Knowledgy, which the author himself refers to as ‘all you need to know to buy it, fix it or ask an expert.’ This self-help reference guide to computer technology is designed ‘to level the playing field between techies and non-techies.’ Gauthier’s premise is that computers are a necessary purchase these days, yet few people understand what they are buying and why, and which product is most appropriate to their needs. He also says many systems are being sold incorrectly, perhaps with the wrong processor, for example. As a result, many people are being sold the wrong product, or a computer system that far exceeds their requirements and their budget,. But they buy anyway because they don’t know what else to do.
If all of this sounds familiar, Tech-Knowledgy is for you. This book could really save you money with its trouble-shooting tips, definitions of terms, and explainations of various operating systems. As Gauthier says, “Tech-Knowledgy helps people to be informed enough to drastically lower the chances of being taken advantage of when it comes to computer technology.”




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