You can preview part of this computer self help reference guide using the PDF links below.  Many people have read this either front to back or just referred to it for specific things on occasion.  Either way, tons of positive feedback about this technology book and how it helps provide a greater understanding of computer technology.  Learn the basics of hardware and software such as: what is it, what's the difference, how does it apply to me, and some troubleshooting tips and tricks.

For example, your keyboard stopped working.  Is it wireless?  Check the batteries.  Is it USB?  Unplug the USB cord and plug it back in again.  Maybe plug it back into another USB port.  Is it Bluetooth?  Maybe your Bluetooth feature is turned off.  Many more troubleshooting examples like this for every component in the computer.

Looking to buy a computer?  Not sure if you should get a desktop or a laptop?  This book outlines the differences so you can make a good decision for yourself rather than just taking the opinion of another computer technician.  Just because they know lots about computers or they happen to work for IBM (long funny story about that one, you can read the short story included in this book too.  Part of the humour throughout the book), doesn't mean they know what's right for you.  All a technician like myself or any other can do for you, regardless of how many years experience we have under our belt, is to point out the differences and explain what things are so you can decide for yourself.  This is what this book can do for you.

Many people tell me "I need more RAM".  I find out later, what they really meant to say is "I need more hard drive space".  People, you need to either tell us what you really want, like "I don't have any more room to store more pictures and/or music", and let us figure out what you need.  Or, buy this book and read it.  This computer technology reference guide explains what a hard drive is and how it is different from RAM/Memory.  And guess what, the RAM/Memory section does the same and refers back to the hard drive section.  This is because too many people confuse hard drives with RAM memory.  Are you still confused?  This book takes you through in detail of every single hardware component in the computer in steps:

1. The parts name (hard drive for example), what is it and what's its purpose.

2. Types of the part (hard drive types) including size, speed, connectors and other relevant information about this part.

3. How do I choose?  Information that is helpful in determining which "Type" we spoke about would be best for you.  You decide with this information which one is best for you rather than having a technician tell you what they think is best for you.

4. Troubleshooting for this part.  What easy troubleshooting steps can I do myself before taking it to an expensive technician just to tell me my hard drive is dead?

5. Tips and Tricks.  Helpful information to either improve how you do things with this part, troubleshooting or other cool things you can do with it.  Both fun and useful things can be found here.

Every single section goes through this type of layout including pictures, charts and some historical data.  Also, there is a description of key terms used at the end of every chapter.

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Tech-Knowledgy book (Intro)

Tech-Knowledgy book (Chapter 1)

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